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Living in Palm Coast is wonderful, and we all love our neighbors, but let's face it.  Sometimes we just want to put up borders to define our boundaries, protect our pets and children or have a little extra privacy!
Weeks Fence Co, Inc is located in the heart of Palm Coast, serving all of Flagler County.  We specialize in Black Chain Link systems and Vinyl (PVC) fencing.   We are family owned and operated, fully licensed & insured with over 25 years of experience.   Our estimates are FREE, performed with in 48 hrs.  Fences are generally installed within 7 days of acceptance of pricing.  

When we come for the estimate, please have your survey handy.  This will be used by the estimator to get an accurate count of the footage of the fence material needed.   You will also need two copies of your survey for the building department to secure your permit.   A permit is REQUIRED in Palm Coast.   The process generally takes one week,  and we will be happy to handle it for you.   Think about the gate openings... how wide, how many.  Your estimator will help you decide on the proper sizing.    Also, be aware, if you are not already, Palm Coast has a minimum 5' easement around the perimeter of the property.  This is to enable the City utility companies to access various sewer/water connections.  Some properties, especially around bodies of water, will have a 25' easement.   Your estimator can advise you of all easements.
All of the fences shown on this website are approved by the City of Palm Coast and Flager Beach.   Flagler Beach is less stringent in the color, size and type of fence they allow to be installed.  Palm Coast will allow only Black Chain Link Systems, White or White w/Beige Trim Vinyl, wood, and  decorative ornamental fencing.   Weeks Fence Co. Inc does ALL types fencing that is able to be permitted by the City or County requirements.  

If you would like an estimate within 48 hrs, please call:  386-793-7303 or fill out the form under .  
We look forward to hearing from you!  Feel free to look at the fences and read the descriptions to get an idea of exactly what you want!

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